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Three FarmStead favorites took home top honors at the 2017 Good Food Awards. Now, you can taste for yourself the delicious Tomato Brined Pickled Okra, Hawkin’s Haze cheese and Guanciale that won out over thousands of entries!

2017 Winner: Tomato Brined Pickled Okra
The perfect, tangy, complement to your cheese spread-- or try the brine in a farm-fresh Bloody Mary! There's a reason this pickled favorite brought home a gold.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s this: people love pickled okra! Adding sun-ripened tomatoes fresh from the Summer garden to the okra brine was an experiment that turned out to be even more flavorful and delicious than we imagined.”
Shannon Walker  

2017 Finalist: Guanciale and Hawkin's Haze
“The secret to our guanciale is all in quality ingredients and time. We start with a heritage breed hog jowl and slow-cure it for that deep, smoky flavor everyone loves.”
David Rule 

“When you look to the world around you for inspiration, you make some happy discoveries. This delicious, ash-ripened cheese was inspired by the Hawkin’s line that crosses our farm.”

Chris Osborne


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