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What the Adventure Team Appreciates Most this November!

Our adventure team shares their top 10 items that they are most thankful for this month. 
•  The golden light of the sunrise shining through the colored leaves like a stained glass window
•  The invigorating feeling of a vigorous hike in the cool morning
•  Trips up the Foothills Parkway to see the last colors fading through the hills
•  Pushing through the first few miles of a bike ride in the startling cooler temps, and realizing we can in fact ride in the winter (tip: it’s all about gear)
•  The laughter of children as we lead families through fun fall activities over holiday vacations
•  Foraging for black walnuts, hickory nuts, and the last persimmons to create our favorite energy-producing treats
•  Catching glimpses of wildlife doing the same, and feeling grateful for a good last year
•  The smell of wood smoke
•  Taking advantage of a warm afternoon to get the boat out on the lake, along with some blankets and hot chocolate
•  Adventurous guests who appreciate the beauty and blessings of this life in the mountains