Blackberry Farm

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The Barn at Blackberry Farm

Executive Chef Joseph Lenn runs a tight ship in The Barn.  So how does he, and his talented team, turn out up to 720 plates a night?  What's his secret?

1.  It’s all about the toys, like our wood-burning oven that delivers the rich smoky flavor in dishes. Every facility, tool and appliance makes what we do true and precise.

2.  Our garden, just steps away, produces farm-fresh inspirations for new dishes and directions for our menu.

3.  Diverse but Southern to the core, our team was handpicked for their hard work ethic and great attitude. Overall, we like to keep our kitchen staff fun, inspirational and open-minded.

4.  Spicing up the flavor with guest chefs! I don’t know anywhere else that has as many guest chefs as we do—except the James Beard House. Our chef program is unique in that chefs spend multiple nights with us and we work with them directly on their demos and dinners.  From Alain Ducasse to Gabrielle Hamilton, we are constantly inspired by our guest chefs.

5.  All the pieces fit together, both through taste and function. The moment you walk into the  dining room you see the kitchen. This open kitchen naturally allows guests direct access, ensuring a more approachable experience.