Blackberry Farm

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This Magic Summer

There’s no single perfect Summer day at Blackberry. There are hundreds of perfect days, made up of a thousand perfect moments. Maybe it’s the garden fireflies at dusk. Or watermelon juice running down your chin. A sunrise run with the Smokies in view. It’s not hard to fall in love with our farm during these long, lazy days and warm, beautiful nights. Whether this year brings your first Blackberry visit or your twelfth, we know you’ll make the kind of memories that stay with you long after your Summer tan fades.

Curl up in a rocking chair on the veranda with a cup of coffee to watch the sun rise over the Smokies.

Breathe deeply with a refreshing outdoor yoga class in the cool green woods.

Take a perfectly packed boxed lunch for a hike on property.

Tour the garden and taste a few heirloom tomatoes while the kids go kayaking.

Enjoy a Southern dinner in The Barn before a slow, moonlit stroll around property