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Three New Cheeses

Our Cheesemaker Ryan Burger is releasing three new cheeses and we cannot wait to share these!  Be the first to try them.

Named after our Brewmaster Ron Downer, the Downer Brown is a pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese that is washed for a week in Blackberry’s own beer. It’s then left to mold and create a beautiful white rind after being dusted with a layer of dehydrated spent grain.

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The Mountain Maid is a pasteurized sheep’s milk that is rubbed with a black pine ash, adding a slight nutty accent. After producing a bloomy candidum rind, it takes on a creamy richness with a slight tang. Its name is inspired by a black-and-white maid uniform worn by the “Milk Maids” tending to cows on the farm.

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 The Magnolia is essentially our version of a Brie-style cheese. It is a rich and luscious cheese with slight tang that allows a mild sheep flavor to come through. It’s named after the Magnolia tree, which produces a white blossom, or bloom, relating to our Magnolia cheese that has a bloomy white mold rind.

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