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Three Spring Cheeses from Cheesemaker Chris Osborne

In Spring we get to create bright and acidic, lactic-style sheep’s milk cheeses. The animals go straight into the pasture where they feed on fresh grass and wildflower growth, and those flavors transfer into the cheeses making them taste like Spring.

Little Ewe
Little Ewe is aged for around two and a half weeks. As it ages, it develops a wonderful white rind that adds a hint of mushroom flavor to the overall bite. Flipping and turning the cheese during the ripening process creates an even rind all around. The result is a soft, bright cheese with citrus notes.

Hawkin’s Haze
Hawkin’s Haze is Blackberry’s newest surface ripened cheese. It is sprinkled with vegetable ash that de-acidifies the surface of the cheese and allows it to ripen in about a week and a half. This cheese features a visible ash line through the center that is a nod to the Hawkin’s Line that runs through Blackberry Farm property. It is also inspired by the historic process of making Morbier cheese which used the vegetable ash as a means to keep the cheese fresh while it sat between morning and evening milkings.

The Brebis is light and creamy, and it is very versatile for people who enjoy cooking. It can be used as a substitute for cream cheese in a cheesecake or in place of ricotta in lasagna. The higher fat and protein from the sheep’s milk makes it much richer than a typical cow’s milk ricotta or cream cheese.

Cheesemaker tip: I like to enjoy cheese after my meal. Spring cheeses pair beautifully with a sweet or fruity component for a refreshing dessert. They can also be enjoyed with something bright like one of our Blackberry Saisons. The carbonation of the beer cleanses the palette and pairs with the cheese for a light and delicious end to your meal.