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Tie a Bow Tie with Andrew Noye

What started as a joke five years ago has turned into a signature.  Over the many years that I have been at Blackberry and the many years that I have known Andy Chabot, we have been mistaken for each other over and over.  I tried many different things to set us apart.  Longer hair, putting on a few pounds, but nothing seemed to work.  Until one day as a joke, I wore a bowtie.  Not only did it work, but it also stuck.  

Wearing a bowtie is probably one of the simplest ways to make yourself stand out in a crowd.  You may ask, “Simple?”  Yes, simple.  Tying a bowtie is one of the easiest things, once you get it down.  Unlike a regular tie, you don’t need a mirror to make sure that it is perfect, because, it is not supposed to be perfect.  This video demonstrates, how quick and easy it can be.


Andrew Noye,