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Ways to Use Tiny Tomatoes

Skip the store-bought, grown out of season tomatoes, and go for an option that was harvested at their peak and preserved with the utmost care to savor every bit of flavor, our Tiny Tomatoes.  Since we love to entertain, we thought we would focus on party-style favorites! 

Bruschetta - Grilled Baquettes topped with Fromage Blanc, Basil Pesto, and Tiny Tomatoes.  So easy and so tasty it is just hard to believe!

Dip to Die for - Chop up the Tiny Tomatoes and add to a fondue.  This gives you a jolt to your dip with a sweet and sour kick! Add chips!

Tiny Tomatoes on Little Kabobs - Everyone enjoys a little taste of something savory. Simply place the Tiny Tomatoes, small chunks of cheese, and salumi on a medium to small toothpick kabob and serve up delightful bits to your guests with no mess!

Go Green - At every bowl party is a friend fighting back the urge to dive into the cheese dip head first because they are dieting, so offer up small salads and top those with Tiny Tomatoes for an "in-season" taste!

 Pizza Perfect - you could call for delivery, but wow your guest with a homemade version by picking out your favorite cheese (we suggest Fromage Blanc), layer on basil leaves and top with Tiny Tomatoes.  Pop in the oven, once everything is warm and gooey, divide into squares and offer bites of pizza from the farm!

Canapes on a  Cracker- Take your favorite cracker or melba toast and spread 1 tablespoon of the softened Fromage Blanc with Preserved Tiny Tomatoes and Ramp Pesto.

Cheese Waffles- Follow this recipe to create cheese waffles then top them with our tiny tomatoes! It's an elegant side to eggs or with a green salad for lunch

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