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Tips for a Great Trail Riding Experience

Blackberry never looked better than from the back of a good horse! It’s a refreshingly old-fashioned means of transportation, a delightful way to enjoy this gorgeous property.  The added bonus is an opportunity to make friends with one of mankind’s most faithful and beautiful companions.

 Blackberry Equestrian Program maintains a herd of well-trained equines. We’ll strive to make a good match for you and the horse! Read on for tips to ensure a great riding experience:

•    Provide a realistic evaluation of your riding skills—and our Team will select the best horse for you. We have several gentle, patient horses, suitable for novice riders. If your riding experience is minimal, or it has been years since you have ridden consistently, you’ll be most comfortable with one of our fine schoolmasters. Likewise, if you are currently riding fit, and have advanced knowledge and experience, we have horses you’ll enjoy. We’re pleased to discuss your preferences prior to arrival.  Contact Carla at the Stables 865-273-8545 or email
•    Remember to wear boots, or close-toed shoes, preferably with a sturdy heel. We’ll provide a helmet.
•    Spend some time getting to know your horse before mounting. Establishing a proper relationship is important and rewarding to you both. We’ll suggest simple interactions that you’ll     find meaningful and insightful.
•    Once mounted, keep the widest part of your feet on the stirrups, with heels pressed firmly down, shoulders back. This posture presses your seat securely into the saddle. Hold a rein in each hand to direct your horse, maximizing communication.
•    Horses, like people, have a sense of “personal space”. As we proceed around property, enjoying the sights, maintain a horse’s length between you and the horse in front of you. It is also completely acceptable to ride alongside, rather than single file, keeping a proper distance.
•    Bring a camera! Ask our Team to help capture your great memories.

In addition to trail riding, take advantage of our top quality riding instruction (Western or English), full-day clinics, natural horsemanship training, wilderness riding, foxhunting (in season) carriage driving instruction and carriage rides for couples or groups. Blackberry horses are here for your pleasure. ENJOY!

Carla Hawkinson