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Tiramisu is a Dream!

When you think of food that is memorable or a dream, it seems to always make a bigger impact, or a more lasting memory when you can taste the food where its best known. Well, as a young cook enlisted in the US Navy I was fortunate to be stationed in "Bella Napoli" so Italian food and desserts were something I tasted firsthand in Italy, how could it have been better . The one that made the biggest impression at that moment in my young career was tiramisu. I would not have guessed that combining 5 simple ingredients would make such a lasting food memory. Like a dessert from your child hood the original is always remembered as the best, and tasting the flavors of fresh mascarpone cheese, bold espresso and rich coco will always be what I judge a good tiramisu by and it will always bring back those early memories.

Corporate Chef, Josh Feathers