Blackberry Farm

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Top 5 Adventures for Spring

Wildlife and Wildflower Hike: Woodland fauna start moving and flora start blooming in March…sign up for a guided hike which will focus on delightful discoveries in Blackberry’s forests.

Birdwatching Walks: Open your eyes and ears to the wonderful world of birding. We will be welcoming our migrant vacationers back home again in March. It is an exciting and colorful time. Walks are led by avid guides who can teach species identification, calls and songs, topics of habitat and the use of binoculars and field guides.

Rock Climbing: For powerful adventure plus breathtaking mountain scenery, come with us to the high cliffs of Chilhowee Mountain and climb like an eagle. This rock climbing opportunity will teach rope safety, standard protocols of top roping, climbing techniques and skills, and offer challenges for a variety of abilities and readiness in participants. Unparalled views of mountains, valleys, flora and fauna complete this Smoky Mountain adventure.

Canoeing the Mountain Lakes: Choose a warm sunny day to venture into the peaceful waters of Panther and Abrams Creek, or the wetlands of Citico where osprey and bald eagle hunt for prey. The sound of your paddle slicing through the still water is unforgettable.

Wild Waterfalls: Rising creeks and mountain streams flooded with snow melt and spring rains make for the best waterfall forecasts! Choosing from several trail options, you will journey with your guide into the National Park on a pilgrimage to one of these gorgeous natural creations.

Thomas Krajewski, Activities Manager