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Top 5 Experiences at The Wellhouse

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Hesse Creek Stone Massage  90m    120m
Feel at one with Mother Earth as warm and cool stones are smoothed across sore, tired muscles. This popular massage dispels stress and tension leaving you relaxed, revitalized and renewed.

Healing Herbs & Flowers   60m    90m                           
This delightful massage offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Choose Renew to energize and uplift; Detox to cleanse and purify; or Rest to relax body and mind. Muscular tension is dispelled with a healing massage using potent blends of essential oils. Next, poultices filled with farm fresh herbs and flowers are steeped in water and applied to the body. The soothing warmth induces a deeper state of relaxation while the heat and herbs signal the body to regenerate and repair tissues.

Smoky Mountain Mist Skin Glow   90m
Beyond heavenly, this sweet scrub and skin conditioning cocktail seduces the senses.  A fragrant blend of pomegranate seed, orange peel, walnut seed powder and essential oils lift away dull lifeless skin. Conditioning essences are deeply absorbed as you relax in a private steam bath. A full-body massage with nutrient-rich body butter leaves the skin silky, smooth and drenched in hydration—the ideal choice for relaxation, anti-aging body care, and for those preparing for a special occasion.  Choose from: Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mint, Fig Tea & Bamboo or Red Currant & Citrus

Age Defying with Apple Stem Cells  90m
With aging, cells in the skin become increasingly difficult to repair and replenish. This advanced facial combines peptides and stem cell technology to improve cell life while delaying the natural aging process. This regenerative treatment enhances anti-oxidant activity, reduces collagen degradation and protects the longevity of skin cells, giving the skin a more youthful, dewy appearance. Special attention for the neck, eyes and lips makes this a visibly effective facial.

High-Adventure Foot Restoration 75m

Whether sore from hiking and athletic training, blistered from wearing too tight of shoes or cracked and dry from daily wear and tear, less than perfect feet can result in pain and discomfort. This therapeutic foot treatment utilizes Gehwol® products—a world renowned German foot and nail care collection—to effectively address all feet concerns.