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Truffle Season

For hundreds of years the mystique of the Black Perigord Truffles have intrigued diners, foodies and scientists alike. Their earthly muskiness is considered one of the most indulgent elements to a late fall or winter dish.  The Truffle orchards or wild locales in Italy and France have been so guarded that in the old days, truffle hunters began using dogs rather than pigs.  Both animals have excellent noses for hunting the elusive gem, however, a dog seemed less suspicious walking down the streets of a small Italian town than a pig.  Hunters were so intent on keeping their truffle finds secret that dogs were just one of the ways they managed to hide their more lucrative spots.  
Until recently, truffles were mostly found (and heavily guarded) in certain regions of France and Italy.  Lucky for Tennesseans and those of you visiting during the season, Black Perigord truffles are now being successfully cultivated here in East Tennessee, and they are so much fresher than their European counterparts as they don'thave to board any airplanes to get to your dish!
At Blackberry Farm, we are cultivating our own truffle orchard and should see the "fruits" of our labor in a few years. In the meantime, our Lagotto Romagnolos a.k.a "Truffle Dogs" are used to hunt truffles at a nearby orchard.  These dogs are rare with only 450 in the United States!  
Visit during the season, December – February, and experience Tennessee’s newest “crop” in our tasting menus and more!