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Ultimate conservationist

Catch and release is a practice that is pervasive in the fly fishing community.  Many guides share this with their clients on a regular basis and realize each fish released can be caught and enjoyed another time.

Guides and anglers alike donate countless dollars and volunteer hours toward the preservation and reclamation of cold water resources and trout streams.

Blackberry Farm guides work at least one project a year to manage and improve the trout and aquatic insect life in Hesse Creek.

Fly fishing guides are on the forefront of the fight for sustainability and protection of our natural resources.  Guides are often leading by example through the teaching of sustainable fishing practices and the use of the latest gear to fight the spread of non-native invasive algae and other aquatic threats.

Fly fishing guides spend endless hours on the water observing and learning their home resources.  You would be hard pressed to find someone who knows, loves, cares, or respects these resources as much as a guide.  A good guide conveys this knowledge and tries to foster the same respect and care in each and every client. 

Aldo Leopold said “Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land”.  In the anglers case that may be between men and streams….

Alex Quick, Fly Fishing Manager