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Walker Mountain Trail

The Walker Mountain Trail is one of the most popular and beloved trails at Blackberry Farm. It is a 1.05 mile long loop, starting at just over 1000’ in elevation making a very gradual climb to around 1300’ where a striking view across of the beautiful pastures of Blackberry Farm awaits you. In the Spring and Summer this trail leads you through deep green thickets of rhododendron, the primary understory in the Smoky Mountains.

Right now as Spring is blooming, Bloodroot, Hepatica and Rue Anemones are popping up all around the trail creating a beautiful collection of small white flowers. The trillium will quickly follow in April with their yellow, white, pink and red blooms. Moving into summer, the rhododendron, mountain laurel, azaleas and various wild orchids will add pops of yellow, pink and orange making for a beautiful and colorful hike. Later in the Summer hikers will encounter groves of pawpaw trees which are native to the area and bear a tropical-like fruit, and blackberries grow wild and abundantly along the trail.

The canopy over the trail keeps hikers cool and comfortable during their exploration. The trail follows along a mountain stream that spills into Hesse Creek which runs through the Blackberry Farm property. Creek crossings on the trail are made easy using handmade bridges with handrails, letting hikers enjoy the calming sounds and cooling effect of the flowing water. This trail includes access to the Blackberry Farm Wellness Platform where guests enjoy various Deep Healing Woods Experiences, featuring yoga and mindful meditation, allowing nature to awaken the senses in ways little else can.