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Ways to Use Charcuterie

Think outside the Charcuterie plate and learn how to use our salumis in a whole new way! Our Butcher David Rule offers up these ideas on how to use Charcuterie!

Slice up the ends of the salumi (so you really use as much of the product as possible) and add them to marinated olives.  These make a perfect appetizer or bar snack.

Add slivers of the salumi to your favorite Mac and Cheese recipe to take the flavor to a new level. Our favorite Mac and Cheese Recipe is Chef Feather's Singing Brook Mac and Cheese.  Check out the recipe here!

For a quick and easy lunch, toast slices of country bread, spread on Fromage Blanc or a creamy white cheese and top with sliced salumi and arugula.

Dice the salumi and add it to potato salad.  The salumi provides a richer, meatier element and that next layer of flavor your potato salad recipe needs to stand out above the rest. The acidity in the potato salad pairs perfectly with the fermentation of the salumi to give a real brightness to the dish.

Wondering what to do with the ends? Use the ends to start as a base when browning meat or creating a pasta sauce. When making a homemade bolognese sauce, dice up some left over salumi and add it at the end of cooking your other ground meat right before you add the tomatoes. This will bring a deeper depth to your sauce and is a great way to use up those tasty end pieces.

Make a “go to” Canapes with Toasted Bread! Start with 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of Fromage Blanc Cheese  spread on grilled or toasted bread.  You ideally would want the bread to be no bigger than 2 bites. Add 1 teaspoon of Pepper Jam and finely julienned pieces of Blackberry Farm Charcuterie

Make Marinated Olives with Slivered Salumi- get the recipe here

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