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Ways to Use Featured in the New Farmstead Catalog

Get the recipes for the Ways to Use Featured in the New Farmstead Catalog! Just in time for the holidays. 

Cauliflower Steak with Ramp Chimichurri Cauliflower Steak topped with Blackberry Farm Ramp Chimichurri and this becomes a luxurious vegetarian main course.

Grilled Cheese with Blackberry Farm Smoked Onion Jam
Our smoky onion jam is the perfect spread for a sophisticated grilled cheese sandwich. We like to use Blackberry Farm Singing Brook or our new Little Ewe cheese.

Roasted Pears with Blackberry Farm Honey and Singing Brook Cheese
A wonderful way to end a meal or serve as a light appetizer, warm wedges of pears are drizzled with our own honey and shavings of our Singing Brook Cheese.

Risotto Cakes with Blackberry Farm Succotash and Brebis  
Risotto is cooked and then baked into a savory cake providing a sophisticated vessel for a first course or appetizer.

Pimento Cheese Bites with Tomato Jam
Our Lavosh cracker is the perfect vehicle for a small dollop of Blackberry Farm Pimento Cheese topped with a bit of Blackberry Farm Tomato Jam.

Skillet Apples with Bacon and Blackberry Farm Sauerkraut 
This is an easy, one-skillet recipe that utilizes the rendered fat from delicious bacon to impart smoky depth of flavor to the sautéed apples. Topped with Blackberry Farm Sauerkraut, it’s a perfect first course or small plate.

Herbed Spoonbread with Blackberry Farm Pepper Chutney
This recipe for Spoonbread is simple and perfect when used as a side dish or as a small plate and topped with Blackberry Farm Pepper Chutney or Tiny Tomatoes.

Mushroom Ketchup Deviled Eggs

 Blackberry Farm Mushroom Ketchup is an earthy mix of mushrooms, onions and garlic with a bit of sorghum and a little vinegary brightness. Try it with your deviled eggs!