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Ways to Use Ramp Jam

Ramps are wild mountain leeks that are not only a source of local pride, but also an announcer of spring.  Here are a few ways to enjoy them all year round.  

Start your morning off right by using Ramp Jam as a filling for your omelet.  Make a simple omelet with 3 eggs and spread a thin layer in you omelet with chopped bacon.
Enjoy as a spread for your smoked turkey or grilled cheese sandwich along with sweet hot mustard.
Take your hot dog topping to another level and add some Ramp Jam.  Quickly sauté white or red onions to soften them slightly. Stir in a few spoonfuls of Ramp Jam and top on your hot dog with squirt of mustard.

Mix Ramp Jam into your twice baked potatoes.  Make the simple filling with pureed roasted potatoes and fold in ½ tablespoon per half of potato along with a few tablespoons of Singing Brook Cheese and chopped bacon.

Use it as a rub for your pork chops.  Rub on the pork chops two hours prior to cooking. Season with kosher salt and black pepper.

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