Blackberry Farm

Friends of the Farm

Welcome Change for Horses on the Farm—Let’s Explore

One day soon, come grass, the horses will suddenly abandon their hay and find delight in the fresh fragrant forage of spring. It’s as if the whole world becomes cake and ice cream—just for them! We’ll pull off their winter rugs and they’ll loll in sun-warmed pastures. Their dull winter hair will be replaced by sleek gleaming coats. Wild onions, not seen the day before will suddenly leap out of the ground.  Every day will bring bright new changes. Forgotten flower friends return!  Bluebirds appear on fence posts. Who could resist throwing on a saddle to take a ride?  Come join us! The nuance of Blackberry is often best explored from the back of a happy horse, or while sipping wine in a horse-drawn carriage.  Let’s explore spring, come grass!