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Wellhouse Spring Featured Treatments

Its spring and time to take care of those forgotten feet we have had covered up for months! On your next trip to the Wellhouse we want to pamper and tend to what holds us you up every day!

High-Adventure Foot Restoration                    
Whether sore from hiking and athletic training, blistered from wearing too tight of shoes or cracked and dry from daily wear and tear, less than perfect feet can result in pain and discomfort. This therapeutic foot treatment utilizes Gehwol® products—a world renowned German foot and nail care collection—to effectively address all feet concerns.  

Gilded Pedicure                                   
This red carpet-ready pedicure was developed by in-demand celebrity and editorial manicurist, Deborah Lippmann. Nails are cleaned, shaped and carefully attended to followed by an energizing leg and foot massage. Soy-affin heat therapy hydrates and softens skin before an application of long-wearing couture nail color, and shimmering moisturizer leave your legs refreshed, radiant and looking better than ever!

Spring is the perfect time for body scrubs. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs to be taken care of.  Body scrubs are the best way to exfoliate skin and allow healthful products to penetrate better.  Try these one of these treatments next time you are at The Wellhouse.

Smoky Mountain Mist Skin Glow                           
Beyond heavenly, this sweet scrub and skin conditioning cocktail seduce the senses.  A fragrant blend of pomegranate seed, orange peel, walnut seed powder and essential oils lift away dull lifeless skin. Conditioning essences are deeply absorbed as you relax in a private steam bath. A full-body massage with nutrient-rich body butter leaves the skin silky, smooth and drenched in hydration—the ideal choice for relaxation, anti-aging body care, and for those preparing for a special occasion.  Choose from: Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mint, Fig Tea & Bamboo or Red Currant & Citrus

Appalachian Body Purification    
Fragrant and finely ground coffee beans are blended with sarsaparilla, honey, tobacco and black silt clay in this total-body purification treatment. A micro-mitt exfoliation stimulates the lymphatic system preparing the body for a detoxifying scrub and mask with clay, espresso grinds and essential oils penetrated by a heated mud wrap. An application of a hydrating bergamot body lotion leave you feeling refreshed and completely renewed.

Beautiful Back Facial                                                
Designed for the most neglected part of the body, we employ traditional European aesthetic methods to regenerate and renew. Skin impurities are eliminated with deep cleansing and exfoliation. A soothing massage and mask improve circulation, skin texture and tone, followed by an application of moisturizer to leave the back silky-smooth.