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Wellness Month Pairs

During our March Wellness Month, we are highlighting an activity and treatment that make the perfect pair. Check back weekly for new pairings.

Yoga means ‘union’ and when practiced outdoors, a greater sense of connecting with the universe can be evoked. Many of yoga’s asanas (postures) reflect animals and nature. Allow the breeze to expand your breathing, the warm sun to deepen your pose making muscles more playable, and let a ladybug invite you to focus on something small and still. Enjoy a sense of harmony, timelessness and union with Mother Nature.

Fragrant and finely ground coffee beans are blended with sarsaparilla, honey, tobacco and black silt clay in this total-body purification treatment. A micro-mitt exfoliation stimulates the lymphatic system preparing the body for a detoxifying scrub and mask with clay, espresso grinds and essential oils penetrated by a heated mud wrap. An application of a hydrating bergamot body lotion leaves you feeling refreshed and completely renewed.