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What do the artisans give as gifts

We have gathered up the experts to help you buy the perfect gift for the foodie, wine geek or entertainer in your life! Find out what our artisans give as gifts. 

Joseph Lenn, Executive Chef of the Barn Le Creuset skillet.  It will last a lifetime and you can pass it along to someone else.

Mary Celeste Beall, Proprietress

The Match Handmade Pewter and Crystal Crudité Tray looks great on the bar with nuts and candies. Also, it works well for olives and hummus. It is casual but elegant and works with all my entertaining.

Andy Chabot, Director of Food and Beverage

My favorite gift is our Wine Essentials Collection (no real surprise there!)

Roy Milner, Brewery

Southern Grain Griddle Cake MixApple Butter, and Downer Brown Cheese…and of course our beers. The first two give me a chance to talk about my love of the South and the cheese showcases the versatility of our beers.
Ryan Burger, Cheesemaker
I love the Sauerkraut, Pickled Ramps and Finocchiona to give as a gift!