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What's SUP

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle Boarding, one of our favorite activities at Blackberry Farm. Modern paddleboarding has its origin in the Hawaiian Islands. It was developed by the beach boys of Waikiki, who would paddle out on their long boards to take pictures for the tourists who were learning to surf. Surfing instructors also use paddleboards as a teaching platform with a higher viewpoint. Modern Paddle Boards are designed for flatwater paddling as well as some surf.

Paddle Boarding is a ton of fun and can give a feeling of freedom when compared to sitting in a canoe or kayak. It also offers a great core workout, improves balance, and gives an amazing perspective on the water. The Paddle Boarder stands relaxed in the center of a long, wide board and paddles on either side with a tall, angled paddle. If intimidated during your first go, sometimes the best thing to do is to actually practice falling off. Then, it is easier to relax and get comfortable with learning how to manage the board!

June begins our summer playtime activities. Hot, sunny days are best spent on (and in) the water! Come out and play on a Paddle Board, and experience a little of Hawaii in East Tennessee!