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Who loves water

Cucumbers must have water constantly. Tomatoes love water, just not on their leaves. Disease takes a ride on water. Use water to spray the flea beetles off your eggplant. Root vegetables love water, just not too much. There can be a fine line between tenderness and rotten. Water keeps a radish cool and mild. Okra doesn’t need much water except in the beginning of life. Squash will send a tap root in search of water, and prefers none from above. Greens bolt without it. Enough water to keep the seed moist will promote the start of life; too much and the seed turns into a boat and travels elsewhere. Not enough and seeds are no longer viable. A little rain and farmers stay in the field, yet too much and outside work ceases. Once a potato plant dies, two weeks of no water is appropriate before digging them up. Onions say bring on the water. If there is too much water in the soil and the temperature is cool, newly planted pea and bean seed will rot before it gets started. Cool season crops can keep going into the summer if there is plenty of water, but will go to seed if there is not enough. Sage never wants it. Lettuce likes the perfect amount. Too much and it can rot at the bottom, not enough and it becomes bitter. The question then becomes how to keep them all happy and properly quenched? Well the answer is that it changes from year to year.

Michael Washburn, Garden Manager