Blackberry Farm

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Spring is upon us! In true Smokies fashion, the forest of Blackberry Farm is erupting with life. No matter how many times we witness this amazing phenomenon, it never grows old. Unmindful of our hurrying and unhindered by our contemplative pauses, Spring happens just the same. The sleeping woodland that one day is a seemingly unbroken canvas of leaf litter is a riot of color and exquisite beauty the next.

Along with these little works of art emerge a thousand stories that have lain dormant through the long winter months. There grows your grandmother’s favorite flower, and over there is one that painted the face of many a Cherokee warrior, or perhaps ensured that he would win the heart of his secret love.

Tis the season when the memories, magic, and medicine of the hills pour out upon the land: join us as we greet Spring and reacquaint ourselves with its verdant treasures.

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Boyd Hopkins, Adventure