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Wine Gift Ideas

So you have some wine geeks on your list this holiday season? Buying them a bottle of wine is either intimidating (do they like this kind of wine?) or too costly to make that option viable. So what to get them? My first choice would be a decanter. We use William Yeoward Crystal decanters almost exclusively here in the Barn Restaurant and our guests love them. They are elegant, useful and best of all – sturdy. Very few of them have ever broken which is amazing considering the heavy use we put them through. They’re also easier to clean than most traditional decanters I’ve run across. Another option is a great corkscrew. I love the corkscrews made by chateau lagioule. I buy mine through a website called because they have some with really unique handles such as the one I currently have which features wood from a very old tree that fell down on the grounds of the palace of Versailles! Additionally, many people love the ease of the rabbit ear style corkscrew. My favorite version of that is the one made by Le Creuset. It operates smoothly, stands up to the test of time and it works (which is not the case with all of these types of corkscrews). And last but not least, wine glasses are always a viable gift for any wine enthusiast. There are many types out there but at my house, we tend to always reach for a Burgundy Shaped Glass. This is a larger glass with more of a rounded bowl that is fairly deep so you can really swish the wine around. There are three brands that I always like to use (and I have them all at home). Andrea Immer Johnson has a brand called “The One.” These come in just 2 sizes – white and red and they are both Burgundy Shaped. I’d lean toward the Red one since it’s a bit bigger. I also love Spiegelau Vino Grande Burgundy Glasses which we use everyday in the restaurant, and I’ve started to grow fond of the Le Creuset glassware recently as well. I only found out they made glassware recently which is why I’ve only recently become a fan.
So there you have it – a few fun gift ideas for the wine geek on your list.
Andy Chabot
Director of Food & Beverage