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Wine Tastings at Blackberry Farm

There is no question that blackberry’s wine cellar is one of the best in the country.  There are 170,000+ bottles and over 9,000 individual selections to explore. The wine adventure is all up to the guest. Have you ever wanted to know more about French wine or food and wine pairings? Why not sit down in our wine cellar and expand your knowledge and love of wine.  Wine tastings can be done as a group or in private format.  

History of Alcohol
People have been drinking wine and beers since 6,000BC. This is the story of how we got from an accidental discovery to modern enjoyment of beverages. There are a lot of colorful stories that drive the beverages that we have come to know and love. We will host this tasting each Saturday at the Boat House on Walland Pond (weather permitting).
Just Reds
The question is asked…red or white? The response, red, of course! What makes red wine so popular? Is it the tannins? Is it the fruit? What does that mean in relationship to the wine? This is an analytical approach to understanding your palate and how to talk about our beloved red wines.

Jason Drotar, Sommelier