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Only found at Blackberry Farm

Cayuse wines
Sure, you my be able to find the occasional Cailloux vineyard syrah at
other restaurants but here at Blackberry Farm, you can choose from a
number of vintages of Bionic Frog Syrah, God Only Knows Grenache,
Camaspello Cabernet Franc, The Widow Maker Cabernet and Impulsivo
Tempranillo. You can't get these highly collectible American Wines

Emmanuel Rouget
The nephew of famed winemaker Henri Jayer, Emmanuel Rouget has risen to
the top of the ranks of the finest winemakers in not just Burgundy, but
in the world. He inherited the vineyards of his uncle and makes
heart-stoppingly wonderful Pinot Noirs fom these excellent vineyards
including the much lauded Cros Parantoux Vineyard of which you'll find
a vertical selection on our wine list. That's hard to find anywhere else.

Domaine Leroy
Bize Leroy, the famed owner of Domaine Leroy left her other job at
Domaine de la Romanee Conti in the eighties when she felt that DRC
(well known to be one of the best wineries on the planet) wasn't living
up to it's potential. Also her interests in her own domaine were
becoming progressively more time consuming. She employs biodynamic
methods in her Burgundy wines which drastically limits production due
to the intensive nature of this style of farming. Additionally, it can
help produce wines that truly speak of their place with purity and
intensity unknown to wineries using more chemically driven methods of
farming. Naturally, her wines are now known to be some of the best in
the world. That, coupled with limited production means these wines
don't make it to many wine lists or cellars. Luckily, we have a great
friendship with the importer and we are able to offer a selection of
these rare wines at Blackberry Farm.

La La Wines
Guigal winery is famous for a number of reasons but probably top of
this list is because of their famed "La La" wines. These are the rare
single vineyard Cote Roties made from three distinct plots, La
Landonne, La Turque and La Mouline. All are distinct and wonderful and
also incredibly difficult to obtain partly because of their excellence
and inevitable high scores but also because of their incredibly low
production. Each year we get allocated only 2 bottles of each of these
wines and we are lucky to be able to share these wines going back to
the late eighties vintages.