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Winter Activity Pairings

 When the winter season rolls around, it seems that life slows down for most. We choose to eat a little heartier, go to bed a little earlier, and we typically do less even when time permits. Maybe it’s the cold temperatures that make tasks seem harder, or maybe it’s the frequent grey skies that set a muted mood, or maybe its some kind of natural process that ties us back to times less civilized, where these actions meant survival.

Regardless of the circumstances, I look at winter differently – as a new season of opportunity. Winter allows me to put away some hobbies and pull out different ones. I typically switch from road biking to mountain biking, from fishing to shooting, and from paddling to hiking. To me, it’s an opportunity to break the routine and reenergize by taking advantage of the resources that are right at my fingertips that I chose to neglect earlier in the year.

What adds to the possibilities is that humans have been inventive. Today’s clothing allows us to withstand the elements without feeling uncomfortable. We know more about the dos and don’ts, the weather, and all of the factors that can lead to a memory of a lifetime or an experience worth forgetting. With all this knowledge we now can venture out and know that we will be safe and can focus on enjoying the new season.

To pass along the opportunity to take advantage of this winter we are happy to once again offer our winter activity pairings. These activities are the perfect way to get the most out of your time with us at Blackberry Farm. I hope to see you out there.

Winter is a spectacular time of year at Blackberry Farm with its inspiring adventures and activities, so join us this winter for some exclusive seasonal activity offerings! (These activity pairings are only available December 1 - March 15)

Fly Fish with Your Own Fly
During the winter guides spend their extra time tying flies for the coming season.  Join one of our guides to learn this craft while staying warm by the wood burning stove.  Once finished, you will have the opportunity to test your creation on Hesse Creek, just outside the door.
2 hours/$190 per person

Hike and Relax
During the cold months there is not a better activity than a hike in the mountains.  You will start off cool, but after a few minutes you will be peeling layers off to keep from overheating.  After a great hike, stop into the Farmhouse Spa where you will enjoy a one hour massage of your choice.
3 hours/$205 per person    

Ride and Relax
Begin your morning by stepping into the horse stables for a quick introduction to horseback riding.  Once acquainted with your horse head out onto the property for a scenic look around.  After you are finished, step next door to the spa for a one hour massage of your choice.
2 hours/$280 per person

Cast and Blast
Fishing and shooting make a great combination for sportsmen. Begin your morning by visiting the clays range, and after great instruction (and an exciting round of sporting clays) come back to property for an afternoon of fly fishing.
4 hours/$370 per person
Family Hunt and a Carriage Driving Instruction
For those enjoying time with your family while at Blackberry, have a fun filled morning geocaching on property.  Once finished, head to the horse barn to learn how to drive a horse and buggy.  
3 hours/$275 per family (up to 4 people)