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Winter Birding in Cades Cove

For our naturalist guests, wildlife lovers, or people who just want to see some wonders of the Smokies, a winter birding trip to Cades Cove is very rewarding! During the winter months, there are opportunities to view the uncommon winter resident Northern Harriers as well as the more unusual Short-eared Owls. The Harrier is a fascinating species to watch as they hunt the expansive fields of the cove. The Short-eared Owl happens to hunt for similar prey in the same type of territory.

Guests may also enjoy the variety of other “northern” species that descend to winter in these scenic habitats, such as melodic Winter Wrens and Ruby-crowned Kinglets, as well as the hardy permanent residents like the Red Shouldered Hawk and Pileated Woodpecker. The good old wild turkey is almost a guarantee to view, as well as white tailed deer and the occasional male black bear braving the winter cold.

This is a half-day adventure which can involve as much or as little walking as guests prefer, but good hiking shoes are recommended, as well as warm clothing. Our guide will supply binoculars and a field bag to participants.

Check out some pics from the adventure!