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Winter Garden Shed Projects

My favorite days spent in the garden shed are during the cold winter months when we sit around the wood-burning stove shelling out seeds. There are numerous baskets filled with field peas, beans, and butterbeans. Numerous baskets of corn also line the walls and await shelling. Today is a cold rainy day and the wood-burning stove is of special comfort to us.

As we sit around the stove, some of us are shelling Hickory King corn, while others are shelling Whippoorwill and Washday peas. On our big wooden table in the center of the shed are containers filled with shelled peas, beans, and corn. Some of our shelled varieties will be used for seed stock for future plantings here on the farm, while the bulk of it will be used by our chefs in their numerous culinary creations.

I love winter days that I have spent in the garden shed, those are days when we spend time contemplating all of our tasks begun the past year and make our plans for the following season. As our days draw to an end and evening begin to set in, the wood-burning stove is filled with glowing coals.

Master Gardener John Coykendal