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Winter Onions and Garlic

The first signs of our spring gardens coming to life are the onions and garlic, which have already made their appearance. The otherwise drab appearance of the soil at this time of the year is brightened by the light greens of new growth as it pushes its way above the soils surface, welcoming the preview of the new spring season.

The month of October is when we plant winter onions and garlic. This allows plenty of time for the plants to become established before beginning their spring growth. The winter onions that we are growing are multiplier types that divide off of a single bulb or set creating anywhere from six to twelve additional onions. One of our varieties produces small to medium sized white bulbs. This variety is used primarily as a green onion, like small spring onions. Our other variety is the potato onion. The potato onion, which is sometimes referred to as the nesting onion, can produce up to twelve onions which range in size’s of large, medium and small, and store well for several months.

It is so good to see the first signs of a new gardening season out in the field, and all of us here at the farm are looking forward to a beautiful year.

Master Gardener, John Coykendall