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Yoga Getaway

Find your way to Blackberry this Spring as Danelle New of Mind Body Yoga in New York City guides you through two days of life balance, breathing and Ashtanga - all while enhancing your inner strength and peace of mind. Our popular Yoga Getaway combines two ancient powers: the timeless spiritual and physical healing nature of yoga along with the majestic and centuries old Smoky Mountains. Set next to the tranquil waters of Singing Brook Pond and Hesse Creek, our Yallarhammer Pavilion provides the perfect setting for this compelling weekend workshop. Join us to experience yoga like never before - surrounded by the pristine setting of Blackberry Farm, learning new positions, challenging your limits and discovering a whole new degree of calm.


A few yoga tips from Danelle:

Spring is the time to come out of the winter hibernation and spring forth into new adventures and new growth.  It is a time of renewal and reawakening, a chance to peel away a part of ourselves and embrace the growth of a deeper part of our being.

•    Reconnect: Now is the time to bring more nature into your life, particularly more sunshine. Natural sunlight is the best way to boost your mood and Vitamin D levels.
•    Relearn: You were born with the necessary tool to meditate – your breath. Meditation does not have to require hours of concentrated focus. A single, conscious breath is a meditation. Follow the breath all the way in and follow the breath all the way out, it's that simple!
•    Refresh: Did you know the stagnant air inside your home is often more toxic than the air directly outside? Open the windows of your home and let the outside air in so you can breathe more clearly this spring.

•  Renew: We are not suggesting you spring cash on a harsh detox that comes in a plastic bottle, but lighten up what you eat. It’s a great time to plant an herb garden, even if only on your windowsill, and begin adding fresh herbs to every meal.
•    Reduce: Clean out your closets, storage containers, and cupboards and donate at least ten percent to a worthy cause or someone you know. You will benefit from a lightened load and do a good deed in the process.