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Ales Kristancic

Ales Kristancic

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To decant or not to decant? Decant. Wine is like a living being, and can come alive with time. I highly recommend decanting my wines, and drinking them over a couple of hour’s time. They will transform in your glass.

Screw cap or cork? Cork, no question. All of my wines are bottled under cork in order for them to evolve and mature the best they can. For me, there is no other choice.
What glassware do you like? I have my own line of Movia Crystal, specially designed for me by Slovenian crystal specialist, Rogaka. These are glasses individually crafted to show each of my wines in the best possible light. They are truly elegant pieces of stemware.
Little known fact about Movia wines?  Ernest Hemingway drank a lot of Movia wine.
Where did you learn your craft?  I studied winemaking at University of Padua’s Conegliano campus, where I received formal training. I also went on to have research apprenticeships at Domaine de la Romanee Conti and Chateau Petrus. But the best school was the school of my father.