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Austin Peterson

Austin Peterson

  We recently asked Austin Peterson a few questions!  Check out the Wine Geek event here at Blackberry Farm!

To decant or not to decant?
For young wines I find that they are almost always better after decanting. We are a relatively new estate, our first vintage was 2005, so I would recommend decanting all of our wines.

What wines do you like to drink?
I enjoy drinking a wide variety of wines. However, some of my favorite wines to drink are old Californian wines. I really enjoy learning more about the history of various vineyards and winemakers as expressed through their wines.

Screw cap or cork?
I prefer corks. I guess I'm a traditionalist.

What glassware do you like?
That depends a bit on the setting. For more casual meals with friends I like the stemless Riedels. With more serious meals I like their traditional Bordeaux glasses.

Most memorable meal?
Anytime you can get friends together for a meal is memorable. Recently some of the more memorable meals I've had are our harvest parties. Typically we have these in late October as we are starting to put the new wines to barrel. It is a great feeling to get everyone together to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and the new vintage.

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