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Barbara Close

Barbara Close

We recently asked Barbara Close, the founder and CEO of Naturopathica, to answer a few questions for us! Check out some Naturopathica products in the Wellhouse!

What ingredient could you not live without?
Without a doubt is would be plant stem cells. Don’t confuse this with human stem cells. Plant stem cells are a new technology by which we knick a plant in areas of new growth like the root or bud. As a result, the plant makes  potent protective substances or antioxidants that are about 100 times more concentrated than normal antioxidants. This is the hero ingredient of our skin care line.

If you could only have 5 products in you bag what would they be?
Plant Stem Cell Serum – I use it every night. Also our Vitamin K Brightening 
Eye Serum to hide dark circles. Lavender UV Cream SPF 30 is a staple.  Honey Vanilla Lip Balm because it tastes amazing! And of course my Ipad…

What if your favorite beauty tip?
Not many people understand that that primary cause of pre-mature aging of the skin is inflammation. I do a weekly face massage with our Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil, fortified with Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids to calm inflammation and protect the skin barrier.

What would be your ultimate travel adventure?
I like to travel and visit some of the old grand spas like Montecatini Terme in Italy or the Bath Halls in Budapest, Hungary as well as the mineral baths at the ryokans in the mountains above Tokyo. I love to learn about different traditional healing practices around the world. What herbal remedies they use and how they practice wellness rituals.

Most memorable experience?
Was right here at Blackberry Farm. During my last visit last Spring, I went cross country riding and jumped several fences on the trails. It was a blast!

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