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Billy Montana

Billy Montana

 We asked Billy Montana, singer songwriter, 5 questions recently.  Make sure to check out the November Music in the Mountains featuring Billy!

What inspires you?
Great books inspire me. They make me want to be a better songwriter. William Faulkner is my favorite fiction writer. For non-fiction reading, I like biographies of musicians or behind the scenes accounts of bands and songwriters whose work I admire.

Who influenced you the most in music or in life?

 I'd have to put my father as my greatest musical influence. He use to play country music and square dances in fire halls, Grange halls, places like that. He and my step mom still perform all the time. Other musical influences include Jackson Browne, Eagles, Beatles, Bob Dylan and Dan Fogelberg.

What was your most memorable moment/setting at a concert/a song lyric came to you?
The spring of my freshman year of college, I drove with a friend to a Jackson Browne concert that took place in a fairly remote canyon between Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ. It was an incredible setting. I wrote a song called “Holy Sky” inspired by the memory of that night and that concert. The chorus says, “There was a silver moon and a Southern cross in the holy sky.”

What is your favorite way to spend a day?
For a working day, I love being on a writing retreat in a great setting - like the mountains of East Tennessee or near a beach. It's great for creative thought and perspective. On a recreational day, I like being on a golf course.

What is your favorite meal?
A perfectly grilled, tender, medium-rare steak or a juicy prime rib tops my list! A little seasoned and buttered long grain and wild rice and steamed broccoli . . . yeah, buddy!

What would you do if you were not a musician?
I'd be a farmer if I wasn't a musician. I graduated from an agricultural college and worked on a vegetable farm for 7 years before moving to Nashville to pursue a career in music. Farming is a very challenging but very rewarding way of life . . . not so different from the music biz . . .