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Dan Kosta

Dan Kosta

We recently asked Dan Kosta a few questions!  Check out the Big City, Big Lights event here at Blackberry Farm!

To decant or not to decant?

For our younger wines, I am a big advocate of decanting.  I would decant just about everything from the 2007’s to our current 2011 wines, employing variable decant times, if possible.  More time for the younger wines and a close monitoring of the older vintages.  This usually means that I would decant the 2011 for up to 4 hours and the older wines for about an hour.  When it comes to older burgundies, Bordeaux or old new world wines, I take them on a case by case basis.  If the wines need air, then I’ll get the wine in decanter and check in quite periodically.  I rarely decant in order to separate wine from sediment.  If the bottle was stored upright 12 hours hours before service, any sediments should be safely at the bottom of the bottle, so there should be no need for decanting if there is care taken while pouring.

What wines do you like to drink?

Trained as a sommelier, I am quite objective on all wines and styles.  If the wine is sound and is a clear achievement of the winemakers goals, I enjoy them that much more.  As far as my cellar, I lean heavily toward new world reds and old world whites.  Alsace and Germany for Rieslings, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Blancs are a no brainer.  California Pinot Noirs are my favorites, but there is a strong nod to Russian River Zinfandels and Napa Cabernets, with a brush of Rhone Varietals from the Central Coast.  Don’t forget bubbly.  From all over.  There’s always room for bubbly!

Screw cap or cork?

I like to say that any wine that is meant to be consumed immediately should be closed with a screw cap.  They are just so inviting!  We stick with cork for our Pinot Noirs because we like the way they allow the wine to age gracefully.  We also like the traditional feel of cork, but we always engage in the conversation of screw caps.
What glassware do you like?

I’m not extremely picky about glassware at home.  For example, since I like to drink wine by the pool, I usually stick with a Go Vino plastic vessel so my 3 kids don’t have more to break.  But for entertaining, I like the Oregon glass by Reidel for our Pinot Noirs.  I have the Sommelier series for all varietals, but they are not every day glasses.

Most memorable meal?

I have realized that my most memorable meals didn’t necessarily mean I had the most memorable fare.  I was at Ornelaia and they made lunch for about 30 people.  We were there for about 4 hours, sipping Ornelaia and the food just kept coming.  Unbelievable!  The hospitality was unmatched and the company was superb and I will never forget it.  It was a true celebration of life.

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