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Daniel Humm

Daniel Humm

We recently sat down with Chef Daniel Humm, below are the answers to his questions.  Check out Excellence at Blackberry Farm featuring Daniel Humm.


1.       What ingredient can you not live without?
For me it really changes seasonally. In the winter I feel like I can’t live without truffles. In the spring, it’s asparagus and morels. In the summer, tomatoes. And in the fall, all of those gorgeous squash.
2.       If you could only cook with one pan/dish what would it be?
I really love cooking in Staub cast iron Dutch ovens. I can make anything from a roast chicken to a great braised meat in them, and they are incredibly durable and so beautiful.
3.       What is your favorite thing to do when not in the kitchen?
I love to be outside running or cycling, and I love just being with my wife and kids.
4.       Favorite memory in the kitchen?
My mentor, Gérard Rabaey, was obsessed with peas. Every morning during the height of their season, he would go to the market as early as possible to pick the smallest and sweetest peas. I remember him coming back with them, piles of them, and coming up with different ways to use them. Then I would spend hours shelling them. I continue to find beauty in the repetition of a task, especially in the kitchen. And that was the ultimate repetitive task. When peas come into season here in New York, I always think about those days spent shelling peas and about Gérard’s love for them.
5.       What would you be if you were not a Chef?
A competitive cyclist.