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Edwin McCain

Edwin McCain

Edwin McCain recently answered 5 questions with us!  Check out Euphoria where Chef Joseph Lenn and Edwin McCain will be featured.

1.    What is the most powerful element of music?
The most powerful element in music is the shared component.  Players link together to produce the music but the emotional connection that happens with a crowd completes the action.

2.    What is in your refrigerator now?
What is in my fridge right now is exactly what will take care of a family of 5.
Pretty standard stuff.
3.    Why do you think musicians appreciate good food?
Musicians appreciate good food because Chefs and musicians are very much
alike.  We gather our experience and our outlook and we compose based on
our conclusions and our hope.
4.    Where would you play your last show?  Where would you have your last meal?
I would play my last show for my family.  I would eat my last meal with my family.
5.  If I weren't a musician, I would be a mechanic.