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Felicia Willett

Felicia Willett

We recently sat down with Felicia Willett and asked him five questions to learn more about him! See what her responses were! 

What ingredient can you not live without?
Cream. I’m addicted to dairy. I could churn it to butter, freeze it to make gelato or make cheese. It’s a very versatile ingredient, and I use it all the time, everyday. I have a glass of milk every night with two ice cubes.

If you could only cook with one pan/dish what would it be?

My Grandmother Lovis’s cast iron skillet. I use miniature versions from Lodge to fry chicken in the restaurant for Friday Lunch. The chicken is pretty popular, so the skillets stay busy all through lunch. So it smells just like my grandmother’s kitchen.


What is your favorite thing to do when not in the kitchen?

When I’m not cooking, I like to go to other people’s restaurants and let them cook for me. Right now, there are so many great places in Memphis that I have to go and try. I’ve got a laundry list that I add to anytime someplace new and exciting opens up. As a chef, I know how important those few months are - it’s a period all about establishing yourself. That’s why I want to give new local restaurants my business.

Favorite memory in the kitchen?
Cooking with my Grandmother in Hoxie, Arkanasas. She had a big kitchen with lots of cabinets and a big table. The windows were always open, and she had a little garden where she grew her own veggies. It was idyllic. I could just get flour everywhere and make a huge mess, and she didn’t care. And her food! She made fried chicken every Sunday, Coconut Cream pies, just good ole southern comfort food. No matter what I made, whether it was good or bad, she always made feel like it was the best thing on Earth!


What would you be if you were not a Chef?
I’m a caretaker. I love to nourish people. That’s probably why being a cook is such a good fit for me. If I didn’t run a restaurant, I’m sure I would be in something that was similar to what I’m doing now. Maybe a farmer, teaching cooking classes, making jam?


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