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Gary Pisoni

Gary Pisoni

Gary Pisoni will be featured at Hospice du Rhone.  Click here for more event information.

We recently sat down and asked Gary a few questions.


1. To decant or not to decant?

It depends on the wine.  Decanting allows the wine to have contact with air and open up. On younger reds I prefer decanting. The air helps to open the nose and soften the tannins.  On older wines it depends on the wine- our Syrah yes and Pinot Noir only sometimes.

2. Besides your own wine, what do you like to drink?

I love wine and I love diversity in wines. I drink a wide range of wines from Red Burgundy and Bordeaux to German Rieslings and Sauternes.  However, my true love is Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands.

3. Screw cap or cork?

Both have their own place, but for me and our wines it is cork.

4. What stemware do you like?

Riedel and Spiegleau Pinot Noir glasses

5. Most memorable meal?

Local Monterey Bay Abalone at the French Poodle Restaurant in Carmel, CA.


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