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Glenn Alexander

We recently asked Glenn Alexander a few questions!  Check out the Cochon et Vin event here at Blackberry Farm!


Decant or not?  I decant if it is a big young red that I know needs some air to open up, but that also means giving it time in the decanter instead of going straight from decanter to glass. Older whites that may have a little bottle funk that needs to blow off.  Decanting can accomplish that more quickly than leaving it in an open bottle.  Older reds that may have sediment need decanting but do not necessarily need the oxygen that can be introduced to the wine by leaving in decanter for any extra time. Anything I taste and believe decanting will help, I decant. I will always decant if there is an element of romance involved. There is nothing wrong with just pulling a cork and enjoying the wine and there are times when it is intellectually interesting to see how the wine changes in the bottle.

What wines do you like to drink? Whatever goes best with the food.  Some people think that is a cop out answer. For me it is the most serious answer there is to that question, and I am happy to sit and talk about this subject while I am drinking great wine and eating great food.

Screw cap or Cork: First, there is no possible way to open a screw cap with any degree of elegance or romance. I believe wine should have those elements unless you are talking about eating copious amounts of pulled pork or brisket in the backyard, and then I could care less about the closure. On a technical note, I believe cork works far better for wines that need time in the bottle to come together.

Glassware: I prefer thin rimmed crystal, and I believe glasses should match the varietal. The proper glass can certainly focus a wine.

Most memorable meal: Several years ago, my  wife spent some time cooking in Italy. She normally cooks in a very Provencal style but upon her return she made Crepes with Prosciutto and Procinis served with a balsamella sauce followed by Duck with Vin Santo and fresh herbs. The food was so memorable I forgot the wines, but I know they were great.  She still makes those dishes for me a couple of times a year, but she makes me ask for them.
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