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Holly Williams

Holly Williams

We asked singer/songwriter and shop-owner of  White's Mercantile and H. Audrey, Holly Williams a few questions. See what she had to say! 

What inspires you?

Anything that is created by people who are full of passion and producing quality. Whether that be their songwriting, the business they are running, a stationery line they design, or simply the way they run their personal life and treat their family and friends. My problem is there are too many things I am passionate about doing (writing and touring, decorating, running stores, renovating houses, cooking, squeezing babies, etc) so I really have to manage my time well! I read all of those nerdy books about time management but it really does help! Coming from a family of so many creative talents is a reminder for me to always stay true to my artistic vision- whether that comes in the form of a new album, a retail venture, an unfamiliar instrument, or a fresh take on really good roasted chicken! 

What is your favorite part about owning your own store?
I used to say that the biggest pro to running my own retail businesses (H. Audrey, White's store, and a newly launched online business at is the freedom you get to make your own schedule. But these days I'm usually so busy I want to cry so I'm trying to be a better delegator! Honestly I would say the best part is meeting customers, working with amazing vendors and finding fabulous employees. Not to mention buying all of the products! I love love love the curating part. I am SUCH a people person so that is one of my favorite parts, being surrounded by creative awesome folks.

Best piece of advice for decorating your home?
Curate your house, don't just decorate. Ask you family members to go through their attics and search out family heirlooms that have been sitting there for years. I just did this and discovered a treasure trove! If you get an heirloom, put a piece of tape on the back and write what it is and where it is from to preserve it for generations. Collect items special to you and your family. Take your time and find the perfect piece. Never buy something at the last minute simply to fill a space. Find what you love and hold out for the right pieces! White walls are amazing, but so is a high gloss black wall in a small room stuffed with antique frames holding your most special memories. Never make people feel as though they are scared to sit down because they may mess up something! Create a warm, loving, inviting space that reflects your unique personality!

What does your ideal summer day look like?
Tubing! Of any kind, anywhere! Then a picnic with my husband and 9 month old baby girl, with Blackberry food products and Saison wine to tantalize our tastebuds! Now that sounds perfect...

What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?
Oh lord. That's an almost impossible question to ask a musician. I've been so blessed to tour everywhere-from Greece to Italy to Australia and all over the US. Hmmm. My husband played with the Kings of Leon for a few years, and we got to spend some time on a friend's yacht off the Italian coast all through Sardinia. It was ridiculously stunning!!! I dream of that happening again one day!

5 things you never leave the house without?
I'm traveling so much for music so these are the things I absolutely can't forget! (All can be found in the White's Mercantile shop) Bergamot Dry Shampoo, Windsor Edwards Tinted Lip Balm, Ursa Major Face Wipes, Baby Aviators for Stella, and Coop's Hot Fudge for when I get a sweet tooth (you can eat it by the spoonful in secret)!

All-time favorite book?
"On The Road" by Jack Kerouac!

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