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Jay Anthony

Jay Anthony

Jay Anthony is a Celebrity Wellness Trainer and Blackberry Farm Transformation Retreat Host.  Here are 5 questions we recently asked him!

What time of day do you like to exercise?

I like to exercise in the morning.  The requirements of each day compound as the day progresses and sometimes it can get problematic at the end of the day to get anything done, let alone exercise. Most people are just too plain tired from the day.  Plus, if you exercise in the morning it energizes you for the rest of the day, wakes up your brain, and starts your day with a positive foundation. It doesn’t have to be too grandiose either, a little walk to start your day or a morning stretch or even just taking the stairs a few times before settling in to the grind can go a long way.

How do you like to work up a sweat?

My favorite way to work up a sweat is to take a good long hike out in nature. It not only gives you a great total body workout but it’s good for the soul. If you share the experience with others, it makes a great time even better.

If you need some energy, what do you do for it?

Sometimes when we have a low energy moment in our hectic lives, its okay to take that time and let yourself downshift a bit. Rest your head on your desk (takes me back to 10th grade Chemistry) or get up and look out the window. Do something unrelated and frivolous to the task at hand. It’s amazing how your body will bounce back energetically if it just has a moment to recharge.  That is of course if there are no Starbucks within walking distance but I think there’s an app for that now.

What would be your ultimate adventure?

People are the truest enjoyment of life and you see that every day at the Blackberry Farm.  My ultimate adventure would be a fun road trip with a group of friends, whether long time relationships or new acquaintances, to a beautiful place to enjoy nature, fitness and great conversation.  (A great bottle of wine never hurts either). I do want to take the train across the Canadian Rockies from Vancouver to Nova Scotia and just meet the people along the way.

Most challenging experience?

I was hit by a drunk driver in my car driving along the coast in California.  The accident put me in a wheelchair.  By far the most challenging experience of my life was working my way out of a wheelchair to walk again.  Three years of rehabilitation made me truly treasure the simple blessings that are the truest gift of life and that it is more important to be in balance, in harmony and in appreciation of each day rather than to try and overpower it or control it.
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