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John Alban

John Alban

We recently asked John Albans a few questions!  Check out the Hospice du Rhone event here at Blackberry Farm!


 To decant or not to decant?

I love decanting wine- both the ritual and the effect.  I think there are very few wines that don’t benefit from decanting including many full bodied whites.


 Besides your own wine, what do you like to drink?

Lorraine and I drink wine daily and we enjoy an enormous spectrum of wines from around the world.  I love Rhones, Chablis, Sancerre, Priorat, anything made well out of Grenache and just about anything made by our friends.


 Screw cap or cork?

I think the closure should match the wine.  I like quality cork in a fine wine and appreciate screw caps on moderate wines and bottles that are not intended to be held for more than a year.  Mostly, I believe that wine should make you happy and trust that the producer will know best how to seal and protect each offering.


What glassware do you like?

I really like the Riedel Extreme series.  I think the Riesling glass is great for all whites, and between the Pinot and Syrah glass you have every red covered as well.


 Most memorable meal?

I would need pages to even try to address my most memorable meals.   We have had so many incredible experiences including a good number at Blackberry.  I think my choices would be skewed by so much more than just amazing food.  For example we recently celebrated our anniversary at Restaurant Prunier in Paris.  We had some superlative courses, an impeccable evening, but seeing our waiter running head long opposite traffic around the Arc de Triomphe to intercept our cab and give me the credit card I happened to leave with our final payment is the sort of thing you never forget.
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