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Lee Hudson

Lee Hudson

We had the opportunity to ask Vintner Lee Hudson five questions to learn more about him! See what his responses were!

To decant or not to decant?
DECANT - two reasons to decant. Firstly, when sediment is expected decant. Secondly, you might consider decanting rich wines with substantive body. Taste first, and if the wine is not fragile, you might want to decant or aerate in order to accentuate aromas and flavors. Light and floral wines tend not to be decanted.

What wines do you like to drink?
I like so many wines except excessively extracted ones. I like aromatic wines with complexity. Top of my list are my wines, then burgundy, barolo, and rhone.

Screw cap or cork?
I've got no problem with screw caps... They are easier to open.

What glassware do you like?

I'm not picky...about my glassware. Prefer something pretty and elegant.

Most memorable meal?
A farmhouse meal in Sicily where we were served freshly made ricotta from a copper cauldron. No condiments - no embellishments.

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