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Michael Mina

Michael Mina

We recently asked Chef Michael Mina 5 questions!  Click here for more information about the event Old World, New World at Blackberry Farm.

What ingredient can you not live without? Butter. Although it seems a bit cliché or obvious maybe, butter adds great flavor to so many dishes. At my STRIPSTEAK and BOURBON STEAK restaurants, we butter poach cuts of beef before finishing them over a wood-fired grill. The results are amazing.
If you could only cook with one pan/dish what would it be?
 I would cook with a cast iron pan.  They are very versatile, heat evenly and work well on a stove top or in an oven, and season beautifully with age. It’s a staple I think every kitchen should have.
What is your favorite thing to do when not in the kitchen?
 I love to ride dirt bikes with my boys when I’m not working in the kitchen. They keep me young!
Favorite memory in the kitchen?
My favorite memory in a kitchen most definitely is the five year anniversary of Aqua in San Francisco. I was surrounded by an amazing group of chefs who were, and still are, very dear friends.  I miss my friend Jean Louis Palladin to this day, but the memory of this evening with him always brings a smile to my face.  The other chefs I was able to celebrate with that evening included George Morrone, Eric Ripert, Tom Colicchio, Todd English, Michael Ginor and Jean Georges Vongerichten.  What a night!
What would you be if you were not a Chef?
I would most definitely be a Creative Director at an Advertising Agency if I was not a chef.  I am fascinated by the process of creating campaigns that become part of pop culture and even iconic. You aren’t just selling a product, you are engraining it into a part of our culture – when done well!

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