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Chef Steven Satterfield

Chef Steven Satterfield

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1. What ingredient can you not live without?

I LOVE nutmeg. It is incredible in savory things as well as sweet. I use it a lot like most people use black pepper - for an amazing flavor with cauliflower, turnips, green tomatoes, rutabagas, sweet corn, parsnips, sweet potatoes and mustard greens.  Used sparingly of course. We all know that if you use too much nutmeg there's a risk of experiencing hallucinations!

2. If you could only cook with one pan/dish what would it be?

Cast iron skillet 

3. What is your favorite thing to do when not in the kitchen?

 If the weather is nice, cycling is one of my favorite things to do. I also really love spending time at Tybee Island, Ga., fellowship and enjoying food with friends. 

4. Favorite childhood memory in the kitchen?

When I was a child, my family would visit my grandmother, Hilda Duckworth, every summer in Asheville, N.C., to escape the blistering heat of the South Georgia sun. Ducky, as we affectionately called her, was an incredible cook and made some of the most delicious food I had ever tasted. She allowed me to make buttermilk biscuits with her, and I was fascinated by the process. My favorite biscuit moment was the “evening” biscuit. Ducky always made more than we would eat at breakfast; this was not a problem, because with dinner she would split them, butter ‘em up and toast them in the oven. That was our dinner bread. I would take my toasted biscuit out onto the porch on a small plate and sit on the porch glider with my grandmother. I ate my evening biscuit slowly, savoring the tart buttermilk laden dough and the creaminess of the sweet butter, with the acidity and the sweet of her perfect strawberry preserves.

5. What would you be if you were not a Chef?

I used write music, play guitar and sing for a band I formed called Seely before I realized my passion for cooking. If I wasn’t a chef, I would definitely be playing music or traveling the world.
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