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Rob Mondavi, Jr.

Rob Mondavi, Jr.

We recently asked Rob Mondavi, Jr. of Robert Mondavi Wines a few questions!  Check out the Forged and Found event here at Blackberry Farm!

To decant or not to decant?
This depends entirely on the wine.  Older wines are thought to need decanting. Personally, I think this is a shame as quite often an older wine, once decanted, will open up and blossom, then fade quickly and deteriorate due to the introduction of oxygen.   I do, however, like to decant certain young wines as this allows for the wines to have the oxidation which most often causes the wine to open up and show more of the aromatic and flavor potential.  There are gizmos and gadgets, but a classic decanting or simply taking the time to get your know wine is the best way to determine what method is best for each individual wine.  It is best to “test the waters” and see how wines develop with or without decanting.
What wines do you like to drink?  
Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is my absolute favorite.  Napa has half the world's soil types and there is no better region on earth to create the most wonderful and complex wines in the world.
Screw cap or cork?  
Both.  Each closure has its merits, though there is no perfect closure.   I enjoy the ease and simplicity of the screw cap for wines that are intended to be consumed within 5 years of production.  However, for wines which are to be enjoyed beyond the 5 year mark, the vintner should invest in high quality cork and the consumer should be prepared to pay for them.  
What glassware do you like?  
Riedel is simply the gold standard.  They have wonderful selection to fit different wine styles and more generic styles to use for everyday enjoyment.  We have a little bit of both at the house and the winery.
Most memorable meal?  
It’s difficult to select just one. Aside from the cuisine that I have enjoyed at Blackberry Farm, another decadent dining experience was at Aria with Chef Gerry Klaskala in Atlanta, GA.  What I loved about his cuisine was that the ingredients were impeccable. He manages to offer the distinct style of the south with a freshness and purity that is heavenly.